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Certainly, a mosque founded on righteousness from the first day is more worthy of your prayers. In it are men who love to be purified. And Allah loves those who purify themselves.

(At-Tawbah, 108)

Collected amount:

757.618,85 €

This project is supported by Shoura- Assembly of the Muslim Community of Luxembourg, as well as all the community centres who are part of it. Further, our project is supported by the Waqf Foundation Luxembourg, which is the unique legitimate Islamic foundation in Luxembourg.

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Form of donation

The 1st stage has been accomplished

757.581,3 €

The second stage is currently open

542.418,7 €

Collected amount:

'Charity extinguishes bad deeds just as water extinguishes fire.' (Hadith recorded by Tirmidhi). 

STAGE 1: Sales contract for the property (cca 300m2) including legal administrative fees is about 700.000€. We are limited for buying this property until end of October 2023.
STAGE 2: Afterwords, for the work of renovations and complete adaptation for the community needs, we will need additional 600 000 euros, giving the total cost of 1 300 000 euros.
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Why to donate?

Invest yourself in continuous good deed.

Support the Muslim community

Invest yourself in continuous good deed. Supporting this project you are helping our Muslim community to perform religious duties in an adequate way and to transfer Islamic knowledge to future generations.

Family cohesion

By your support many families are making their family ties stronger, thus keeping our community healthy in the way which Allah swt is satisfied with.


Provide community members with needed knowledge, skills and help raising awareness of importance of the community. Help our community through education so it can become stronger and succesfull in reaching fulfilling goals.

Help our young members

Help us make beautiful place for our children to play, learn and grow up. Help our youth to reach their potentials, to develop their skills and talents in order to become productive and responsible citizens.


Humanity is not just an act. Its also an attitude towards other people. Be part of our aspiration to help those in need.

Succesfull integration

Succesfull integration is leading to better using of resources and potentials of our community members. Help us give a chance to all of our community members to prosper and be part of this project.


Support our activities.



Youth Support


Spiritual well-being

Humanitarian work

Help with integration

Religious Education